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The Unfair and Unbalance Of Fox News

                                                                       By: MH_Liberal   8-1-10

   Most of your news outlets which includes the mainstream media report the news as they do the research and come up with the final Story. Fox news come up with the final story and then do the research. Who is Fox news and why do they keep getting a pass on their type of reporting? Why do Fox keep getting a pass on misinformation, edited tapes, and character assassination to anyone who is against Conservatism, the Tea Party and who supports President Obama. A news organization suppose to be objected when reporting the news. How did Fox become the right wing network for the RNC? Well, Fox news was founded by media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch agenda is simple: He's against regulation of any kind. Famous for smashing the unions at his U.K. properties. In essence, Murdoch agenda tracks closely with that of the current GOP. Remember the good old days when the moderate Republicans was respected. Now, the far right wing nuts has closed the big tent and Murdoch uses Fox to raise funds for the RNC. Murdoch appointed Roger Ailes as permanent CEO of news organization, which he still holds today. Roger Ailes is mostly responsible for the attacks on President Obama. Fox was created to be an alternative to CNN and MSNBC, which in January 2002, their ratings surpassed CNN and never look back. Fox will say, just as Bill O'Reilly say every night, that Fox has the highest ratings. Yes, that's true but who are the Americans that watch Fox? Most Conservatives and a few independents. The American people like to hear off the wall politics, white conservatives tune in to listen to Obama bashing to get their kicks, but if you want real reporting or real journalism Fox wouldn't be the news outlet you would turn to. The Oprah Winfrey Show got great ratings here in Chicago, just like Fox. In my opinion they are both in the same categories, they are talk shows with the latest gossip. First thing Fox say is its the Liberal media not us we are "Fair and Balance" There fair and balance consist of going after Barack Obama during the 2008 elections up to now. During the election of Barack Obama, Fox news reported that Obama grew up in and went to school in a Muslim country, we all know that to be false. This is the kind of reporting Fox does. No, I will not put them in the same category with CNN or MSNBC. Sure there ratings are higher but for what reason? The truth is Americans tune in to Fox for gossip and opinion, and not for objected reporting, Americans tune in to other networks like MSNBC. Sure, MSNBC tend to lean left at times, but they do have a balance to their network. You have a Conservative on MSNBC who have his own Morning Show called "Morning Joe", where is the Liberal host for Fox? The Obama administration had it right when they called the Fox network an "Opinion" network. If you tune in to Fox from Fox and Friends to Sean Hannity you will see nothing but Obama bashing, nothing on a positive note regarding the Obama administration. Lets be clear, when President Bush was in office, Fox gave favored press to Bush more than any other network. Both Presidents are the same, President Obama attacked Fox and Bush attacked MSNBC before he left office. The bottom line is the Fox is a Opinionated show who's main goal is to try to Disrupt, Dismantle, and Disturb the Obama administration as much as possible. With the endorsement for the Tea Party rallies, Fox hit a all time low by supporting, getting involved with a Political organization. Fox is not only a mis-information network, they also are deceptive in reporting the story. Even before Barack Obama was elected to the Presidency, Rupert Murdoch had declared war on him via the personalities of Fox news. Since the election, Fox host and paid analysts have launched a full frontal assault of the President, smearing his nominees, calling him a racist and suggesting that his administration was trying to persuade disabled veterans to kill themselves. Other words, its call fear mongering which Glenn Beck of Fox does it well. In closing, I will say that the following reasons are why Fox is "Unfair and Unbalance". Glenn Beck deranged inventor of paranoid conspiracies, Fox's alliance with groups like "Americans for Prosperity" and the "The Tea Party" which has a fraction who is Racist and evidence have shown that. Then you have On-Air fundraiser by Sean Hannity for right wing groups like Republican Trust, run ads for Mike Huckabee, and more. Then you have Bill O'Reilly, stalker of those whose opinions he doesn't like, and Fox news anchors like Fox and Friends and pundits. These are some of the reasons why Fox news is not news at all, and we as Americans deserve to hear objected, precise, reporting to be informed. As we move into the November elections, please people be aware of the lies, and mis-information Fox will throw out there. They can't beat Obama and some Democrats so they do the next best thing, lie, edit tapes, use Racism as a excuse. I hope I gave you a little insight of the right wing so call news organization call FOX NEWS. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

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Republican Cake recipe ingredients:

2 cups of hypocrisy
1 cup of lies, hate, and innuendo
1/2 cup of repressed sexuality
1 stick of nauseatingly fake religiosity
1 cup of jingoism (blind patriotism may be substituted)
2 teaspoons of fear mongering
1/2 teaspoon of shameless pandering
2 cups of harmful, vile, and inappropriate humor
a pinch of charlatanism (to taste)
½ stick of torture

Bake at 350 degrees until ugly on the outside and dark on the inside.


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